The Government assures that does not close the coal mines despite cuts

Secretary of State for Energy, Fernando Martí, said today that the Government intends to close the coal mines and stressed that cutting aid received is that the country is going through a situation that requires reductions in all budget.

Speaking at the Senate Budget Committee, Marti added that the reduction of 63% of contributions to the National Coal Plan, to 600 million, is proportional to the money “that has stopped spending in previous years.”

“The PP and the Government continue to support coal. Nothing in this budget cut is no indication that we want to close the coal,” said the secretary of state, who has stressed that the provision for early retirement of miners remain “intact” in 300 million.

Marti has expressed its readiness to continue dialogue with employers and unions to find solutions within the framework of a budget cut “that affects everyone,” and recalled that the national policy devotes considerable resources to the maintenance of coal mining.

In his opinion, after many years of application of support schemes, it should make a detailed study of its efficiency and adapt measures to the current budget situation.

“So it will be explored, along with unions and employers, solutions to overcome the lack of budgetary resources,” said Marti.

The unions have called an indefinite strike among workers in coal mining, yesterday staged a demonstration in Madrid to protest the cut in aid received by the sector.

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